Slides for the book "Hausser, Roland (2006): A Computational Model of Natural Language Communication; Interpretation, Inference, and Production in Database Semantics."

Here you can find the slides used in certain lectures. They are a summarization of the book named above.
You can download the complete set of files here:
To view or print the postscript-files you need a program like Ghostview. For the pdf-files you can use the Acrobat Reader.
You can also download particular parts (I-III) or chapters (1-15) of the book from the table below.

Part I: The Communication Mechanism of Cognition [PDF] [Postscript]
Chapter 1: Matters of Method [PDF] [Postscript]
Chapter 2: Interfaces and Components [PDF] [Postscript]
Chapter 3: Data Structure and Algorithm [PDF] [Postscript]
Chapter 4: Concept Types and Concept Tokens [PDF] [Postscript]
Chapter 5: Forms of Thinking [PDF] [Postscript]
Part II: The Major Constraints of Natural Language [PDF] [Postscript]
Chapter 6: Intra-Propositional Functor-Argument Structure [PDF] [Postscript]
Chapter 7: Extra-Propositional Functor-Argument Structure [PDF] [Postscript]
Chapter 8: Intra-Propositional Coordination [PDF] [Postscript]
Chapter 9: Extra-Propositional Coordination [PDF] [Postscript]
Chapter 10: Intra- and Extra-Propositional Coreference [PDF] [Postscript]
Part III: The Declarative Specification of Formal Fragments [PDF] [Postscript]
Chapter 11: DBS.1: Hearer-Mode [PDF] [Postscript]
Chapter 12: DBS.1: Speaker-Mode [PDF] [Postscript]
Chapter 13: DBS.2: Hearer Mode [PDF] [Postscript]
Chapter 14: DBS.2: Speaker-Mode [PDF] [Postscript]
Chapter 15: DBS.3: Adnominal and Adverbial Modifiers [PDF] [Postscript]